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Creating Friendships Through Travel

African Avenue is owned and run by Susie and Richard Prangley. Situated in White River, South Africa, we are ideally placed on the edge of the world-renowned Kruger National Park. Having grown up here and travelled extensively throughout Southern and Eastern Africa we are passionate about the people and wildlife of this continent.

We strive to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences in destinations that both suit and inspire the individual traveller. Constantly exploring new places and re-visiting the more established destinations, gives us a broad understanding of life in Africa today.

After 6 years of international travel, we were eager to learn more about Africa. So we set off in a Land Rover to explore Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, and then spent a year managing a Zambian bushcamp. As the people of these countries opened their hearts and homes to us, we began to wonder how we would be able to follow their example and do the same for others.

Once home, we launched African Avenue. Born out of a love for Africa and its people, essentially the company aims to showcase the very best that this continent has to offer.

We are fortunate to be working side-by-side with our sister company Going Africa. Started by Malcolm and Ethne Cameron, they have been providing their guests with quality travel experiences for over 20 years. Together we hope to enhance your experience.
Our company gives us a perfect platform from which to share new experiences with friends and visitors from around the world. It is very exciting to watch Africa unveil her secrets to people that have dreamed of her their whole lives. We feel privileged to be welcoming you here.

But beware, Africa is addictive!