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African Avenue seeks to build partnerships with Individuals, Lodges, Hotels, Camps and Companies that positively contribute to their surrounding environments. Below are just a few of the key challenges facing the African people and our wildlife.
  •     Poverty in communities surrounding important conservation areas
  •     HIV/AIDS and the access to antiretrovirals (ARVs)
  •     Combating malaria and preventable diseases
  •     Education and the development of schools
  •     A lack of access to fresh water
  •     Limited primary health care and clinics
  •     Poaching and illegal hunting of wildlife and endangered species
  •     Wildlife and conservation education
It’s uplifting to see how some companies involved in tourism are working closely with local communities to make significant improvements in these areas. Without responsible travel companies, and responsible travellers, many projects would not be possible. African Avenue is working hard to support companies that are positively affecting the environment. Certain lodges are actively helping to alleviate these issues, and by simply staying a few nights, one is directly contributing both to conservation and the surrounding communities.
Going Africa has been involved in a number of inspirational schools and projects. We, at African Avenue, are fortunate to be associated with Going Africa and we consider ourselves a “channel” for putting our clients, from around the world, in touch with local people at ground level.
Through our continued commitment to responsible travel, we hope to support and learn from the leaders of these wonderful organisations. Our involvement to date has resulted in a significant benefit to our own company, and we have had the privilege of hosting a school choir at a number of our functions. This has helped to raise the confidence of the pupils, and with the generous donations by friends and visitors, has resulted in much needed support. We recognise a need for learners to be able to express themselves outside the classroom, and we are therefore encouraging the arts and sport.
Our partnership with long-standing company, Going Africa, places us in a great position from where we hope to reach and support these organisations.
Only by working closely with the local communities are we able to understand their specific needs. This has also enabled us to take our friends and clients into these areas where they can meet with local people and discuss issues face-to-face. This goes a small way towards developing a kind of Cultural Tourism within our province, but much work is still needed to improve and diversify the visitor experience. We are trying to remain flexible and open-minded, so as to be in a position to adopt new strategies for change as the need arises.